The other day I observed a couple just sitting together and saying nothing. It was on a park bench at a local park. I observed them without them knowing and it was fascinating. They said very little, held hands, and looked into each others eyes with such love and tenderness. What an inspiration!

You know, there are time when words just do not do enough, silence is much better. When a friend loses a loved one, it's better to just spend quality time with them, if they want to talk, fine, if not, fine too.

Sometimes silence is the best answer, although quality time is not only silence, it is just spending time together, and not necessarily doing anything but just being together, either talking or silent.

The fourth love language is quality time. You probably guessed that by the little story above. Quality time is something that children cherish. You do not even need to do anything but just be there. How easy to make someone feel loved by just being there. Elderly people value this one too. You find that just holding their hand and not saying anything but just being there makes them feel so loved and wanted.

Instead of talking a lot, just try to listen to what someone else has to say, or just sit there with them for a while. It may frustrate you as it may not be your love language, but if it is the then then you have extended your friendship or relationship with them.

Be sensitive to others, observe them for a while and you'll soon pick up what their love language. Quality time is one of the easiest to apply. Just be there.

Last love language coming soon

Source by Barbara Underdown