Obsessive would be an understatement.

I have wanted an Abadon in brown skin the second luts made it readily available. But I never ever liked the SDF overall body, and the up coming readily available size, SSDF would be way too large, I believed. It has normally been my theory that Jasper would be the tallest of the boys at residence…

In any case, that failed to prevent me from googling to see what luts brown skin was like in operator pictures. I failed to regulate to come across many comparison photos to tanned skin from other firms, so that was a bummer /: I also tried out SO Pretty Really hard to search for an Abadon in brown skin, I indicate, any person out there should have 1 ideal?!… but that was a futile exertion.

At some point I experienced the chance to meet up with Em in Sweden, and managed to see luts brown skin in true life! I fell tough for the colour *__* Also, she experienced her Alistair on a Luts SSDF overall body, and astonishingly, he was not that far off in height from Jasper!! Suuuuuuper thrilled, I straight away placed an purchase for my brown skin hunk D

sixty six days just after my purchase was placed, Luts at last decided to ship my doll out. Regretably, the second he attained Singapore, we commenced our general public/point out vacations of four days… I at last acquired him right now, 70 days afterwards.

I was sooo anxious his faceup would not perform out (it truly is a tailor made), but it truly is genuinely gorgeous! Regretably the faceup design is distinctive from my other 2 Abadon’s, so I never feel I can photograph them collectively. He is also insanely tall, and for some purpose, looks considerably taller than Jasper and Cole.. Surprise why. A person point I genuinely do not like about the SSDF overall body is the shoulders. I indicate, though wide shoulders are yummy, I feel that his are way too wide, and he seems horrible with a blazer/cardigan/nearly anything that covers his shoulders. Probably if I tried out a ordinary shirt on him, but I’m way too tired right now from wrestling three boys for a photoshoot which never ever transpired… so I feel I will depart the altering to a further day. His posing is genuinely superior however, and I in particular really like how he slouches 😀

On a genuinely unfortunate and depressing sidenote, I found Eco-friendly STAINS on Jasper, for factors fully not known. There was even some on his brow, and I straight away took some magic sponge to get rid of the stains… Which resulted in a shiny patch on Jasper’s brow which is now MSC-significantly less. I genuinely hope that can be preset without the need of altering his full faceup __

In any case, if you made it through this rambling, excellent work! 😀 I can at last say good day to my 3rd (gasp) Abadon, and I hope I will not likely regret my decision to purchase him. Hopefully a title and character will come to me shortly! ^__^

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