Looking for true love should not be hard. There are simple life principals that love is all about, you only need to understand them. And the first rule of thumb you need to understand is that you are not alone in this quest; you have your darling companion with you. The thing is that we are often tempted to see true love as that feeling that falls over us right from the heaven and hits us in a split of a second. But that is only momentary infatuation. What makes for true love is commitment and honesty. Find out how to find true love next to your partner, and you will be able to live happily ever after.

Rule # 1: Be sincere
A relationship can not exist without honesty and trust. If you are constantly loving to your partner, if you feel the need to run and hide your true feelings instead of sharing them with your partner, then your relationship is in deep trouble. Your darling companion should know everything about you, should be the only person in the entire world that you would seek out for advice and for understanding. Without honesty, you will never be able to find true love.

Rule # 2: Like your partner
It is not enough to love your partner, in order to find true love. That may seem like a confusing statement but it is not. True love can only be found by people that do not only love each other; it is found by those that like each other, that like being friends surrounded being lovers. If your darling companion is also your best friend, you are a very lucky person, because it means you have already found true love.

Rule # 3: Establish common goals
For a relationship to work, it is important to set up common goals together. In the absence of common goals, any relationship is bound to fail. You need to have a serious talk with your darling companion and find out what are their hopes and dreams and how they expect to pursue them while being in a relationship with you. You should also do the same thing, as it is important for both of you to discover the common points in your plans. As they say, two heads are better than one, which is why you have better chances at succeed if you get involved together in a common goal.

Rule # 4: Share the same values
It is natural in a relationship to have different opinions. However, if your core values ​​are too different, this can become a source of misunderstandings and recurrent fights. Your darling companion and you must share the same values, or the foundation of your relationship will be very shaken. Sooner or later, such important differences that neither of you can overcome will eat up at the romance and love that greeted the two of you together. Such aspects must be addressed as soon as possible in your relationship, to give yourselves the best chances of finding true love.

Rule # 5: Accept your darling companion for who they really are
Another important rule that can help you in the pursuit of true love and happiness is to accept and feel accepted. You can not build a strong and true relationship if you are not capable of seeing and accepting your partner for who they really are. The vice versa is also a valid request, as only couples which members accept and understand each other are really capable of building a great life together.

Rule # 6: Remember to love yourself, too
True love can not exist without self love. While this may sound like an egotistical point of view, if your darling companion really loves you, they would not want to be on the receiving end all the time. Actually, people that truly love their partners tend to become insecure and unfulfilled if they are not allowed to manifest their affection, and they are only required to let themselves loved. You need to love yourself, and have your own demands. It will make your partner happy if you let them be the cause of your happiness. It is as simple as that.

Rule # 7: It is more than just love
True love is not just love in the romantic sense of the word; it can stand for many things that brought together make for the most incredible, amazing feeling that a human being can experience in their lifetime. True love stands for commitment, for enjoying time spent together, for wanting to share everything, for trust, and for caring. Your darling companion and you will live the true love you are after if you understand what true love really is.

Finding true love next to your loved one can be an easy and wonderful journey. It will not happen in a day, but it can last a lifetime.

Source by Jonathan K James