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Month: December 2017

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend – How to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

Having a tough time thinking of sweet things to say to your boyfriend? If you try searching online for sweet words to say, majority of the results you get are often in favor of men. However, guys do like to hear nice things from their partners. Guys are always expected to say nice things to girls, but why not make a change? Do your share of the intimacy in your relationship. Speak up and make your man appreciate you more by doing so yourself. Some of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend are actually the simplest. This will surely add zest and color to the bond you share. Words may come as plain remarks, although to some these are powerful expressions of devotion and love, depending on how they are said. Here are some scenarios that you might want to take note of. 1) Men may seem tough and impassive at times, but they do have that soft side. They want their women to comfort them in words and in presence. So always be ready with sweet things to say to your boyfriend, even if it’s as simple as “Thank you for always being there for me” or “I love you.” Take time to appreciate everything he’s done for you. 2) Women hate it when guys are late in their agreed time. Instead of making a scene,...

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Has He Fallen in Love With You? 5 Love Signs He’s Totally Into You at Last

When a guy falls in love, it’s actually pretty easy to detect through his actions and gestures. Love does have many faces but you need to remember that when things start to get all serious and true, guys can be pretty much easier to read when it comes to their inner feelings. Falling in love may be overrated to you but when we all get bitten by the bug, we’re all defenseless and intoxicated by its venom. So if you’re still all wondering if he has fallen in love with you and find out the love signs he’s totally into you at last, then you need to be observant and keen of his following actions and things will absolutely be crystal clear to you in no time. Get ready to fall in love! He’s happier. He sees you and it instantly made his day. He’s obviously happier and definitely in a better mood if you’re the topic — he just can’t help it but get all jolly and merry when he’s in love (provided of course he’s seen signals you’re in love with him too). He’s always around. Especially if you need him — or just to hang out. He’s always where you are, it’s amazing. He drops by just to say hi and will try to communicate with you through text, email or phone every chance he gets....

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How to Attract the Love You Want – 3 Things the Experts Do not Tell You

How do you go about attracting and getting the love that you want and deserve? Here are 3 powerful secrets that the experts do not normally tell us about! 1. Get rid of the Lack mentality One of the very first things you must do in your quest for love is to totally rid yourself to the "scarce mentality." What is the "scarce mentality?" It is the mentality that there is a lack of good men (or women). The "man (or woman) shortage" concept. I once heard a guy complain that "all the good fishes have been taken out of the sea," when he learned a girl he fancied was already married. While many fish have been there there are more and better to be discovered. Every day new species of fish are being discovered. The ocean of possible suitors is inexhaustible. You must come to the conviction that there are thousands of nice men and women seeking, searching and looking for nice people like you. You are not the only one on the planet who is looking for a mate. To believe that there are not enough partners or that the best have already been taken is to limit yourself. This idea actually blinds your mind to realty. Because you believe this, you tend to only focus on unavailable people. You are handicapped from seeing eligible and available...

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When Your Husband Does not Love You Anymore – Steps to Take If You Still Love Him

When your husband does not love you anymore it can leave you feeling incredibly alone and confused. Many women are faced with this reality everyday. Some of these women struggle more than others because of a simple fact. If you are still in love with your husband and he either states that his feelings have changed, or he shows it through his actions, it's devastating. If you are not ready to give up on the man you love, there are things you can do to help rekindle his feelings for you. One of the easiest things you can do when your husband does not love you anymore is to look at the state of the relationship. A common problem in marriage is a lack of intimidation. If you've found yourself neglecting your husband in this area because of other responsibilities, such as work or the kids, make a point of remedying it now. Men want and need physical closeness with the woman in their lives. If you have let the threat disappear in your marriage, now is the time to fix that. Many husbands lose interest in their wives because of lack of interest in other things. If you have given up almost everything you enjoyed to focus your time and energy on your husband and children, you may become less interesting to the man you love. Make a...

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I'm Glad I'm Not in Love in South Korea

I'M GLAD I 'M NOT IN LOVE IN SOUTH KOREA My birthday falls on February 17th so I've never been that excited about Valentine's Day, preferring instead a day that's all about me! Plus, like many others, I hate the commercialization of holidays. It could be worse however; I could be in love in South Korea. Korean Coupledom With love celebrations falling on the 14th of every month, plus anniversaries and important milestones (ie 100 days since a couple has met), South Korea has perfected the commercialized of romantic relationships in a way that would make even North American marketers envious. It all starts with Diary Day in January, where lovers present each other departments with all the important aforementioned dates circled in red. With the plethora of dates to observe through the year, it's probably the most practical of the love holidays! February 14th is celebrated in much the same fashion as it is in North America, except it is the girl that does all the giving. The guy then has a month to ponder what to get his gal in return and reciprocates on White Day, usually with elaborately wrapped candy. Rose Day, Kiss Day, Silver Day, Photo Day and Hug Day are all quite self-explanatory. And do not worry about singles in Korea. April 15th, Black Day, is set aside for them to commiserate together and...

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