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Month: November 2017

Getting His Love Back in Your Marriage

Since I've begun writing about returning love to a marriage and I've put my own story out into the world, I often have wives who approach me and say they want to save their marriage, but their husbands have indicated that or act as if they no longer love or are in love with them. These wives do not know how in the world they can save or improve their marriage when their husbands are no longer receptive. This article will discuss ways that you can coax your husband's love back so that he's a more willing partner in your marriage. What "Falling Out Of Love" Really Means: You may not believe me when I say this (I did not when a therapist first told it to me), but I now know this to be true. When your husband acts like or indicating that he's "fallen out of love" with you, what that usually really means is that he's fallen out of love with the marriage (at this time, not forever). In essence, he's lost the pleasurable feelings that your relationship and marriage used to elicit in him (as they refer to himself). Note that I focused more on his feelings about himself than on his feelings about you. The truth is, a man's being "in love" has more to do with the feelings that the relationship brings about...

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How to Find True Love With Your Darling Companion

Looking for true love should not be hard. There are simple life principals that love is all about, you only need to understand them. And the first rule of thumb you need to understand is that you are not alone in this quest; you have your darling companion with you. The thing is that we are often tempted to see true love as that feeling that falls over us right from the heaven and hits us in a split of a second. But that is only momentary infatuation. What makes for true love is commitment and honesty. Find out how to find true love next to your partner, and you will be able to live happily ever after. Rule # 1: Be sincere A relationship can not exist without honesty and trust. If you are constantly loving to your partner, if you feel the need to run and hide your true feelings instead of sharing them with your partner, then your relationship is in deep trouble. Your darling companion should know everything about you, should be the only person in the entire world that you would seek out for advice and for understanding. Without honesty, you will never be able to find true love. Rule # 2: Like your partner It is not enough to love your partner, in order to find true love. That may seem like a...

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How to Handle Being Cheated On

Are you being cheated on? If you're having trouble leaving a destructive relationship even though you know your partner is cheating on you, learn why being brutally honest with yourself is your first priority. 1. Cheating is not really about sex – it is a betrayal of love, of friendship. We often think of cheating as a sexual issue but it is really a character issue. This is why it is so hurtful. There is a basic unkindness to only thinking about yourself and what you want, a betrayal of the bonds of friendship. Even if you have grown apart over the years, your partner has as much right as you to make decisions based on accurate information. If you no longer want to be in a monogamous relationship, are not getting your needs met for whatever reason, you are obliged to tell the other person. This is the decent and right thing to do. 2. Has your partner accepted complete responsibility for this? – If not, leave. There are NO excuses for cheating. Even if you have been a "sexless" relationship for a long time, talked to your mate about this, and still nothing has changed – it is still not okay to cheat. The only possibility to heal a "cheating" relationship is when the person who has cheated accepts full responsibility, with NO EXCUSES. Without this happens,...

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The Fastest Way to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back and He Will Love You For It

But if you are feeling overly anxious to get your ex back, you may be behaving in the wrong way, causing your ex to pull away naturally. It is human nature in general to resist this kind of pressure. Struggling against human nature is completely pointless, and it will only make matters worse Here is the ultimate fastest way that will turn your break up into a new romance. You do not any voodoo hocus pocus magic formula. All you need is some tips that will greatly improve your chances of sparking your Ex boyfriend interest in getting back together again. Obviously right now you are seriously committed in working this out with him. I know you want o jump start that flame in your soul and just saying yea baby I love you so much. Here is all you have to do is follow these advice to a tee about sparking that relationship again. Step one: Take him to his favorite sports event like basketball game. Step two: How about taking him to guy's movie. I know you hate this. No Pain is no love. That's what my mother says to me. Step three: The weekend trip to a romantic getaway for two. How about all expense trip to Paris, France? Can you say WEE WEE Around this time, your ex is going to be experience a new...

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We Broke Up – Can We Get Back Together Again? The Power of Making Up to Get Your Ex Back Revealed

Very few things can compare with the pain of breaking up with someone you love. It can seem like everything you knew about life has been turned upside down. Some days it looks like a chore just to breathe when you're missing the person that you love. Every day can feel like an eternity and time just drags. Do not give up hope. As you read through this article you will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Can We Get Back Together Again After a Break Up? It may feel hopeless right now, but I want you to realize something – people get back together, often times after the absolute worst break ups in the world – every single day. As you are reading through this entire article, there are couples all over the world getting past their differences and rekindling their relationships. You can be one of those people. There is hope to get back together with that person that you miss so much; if you take the right steps. Do not Go Off The Deep End The worst thing you can do when your wondering "Can we get back together again?" is to get overly-emotional. People do crazy things and say things that they regret when they let their emotions run unchecked. You have to do your best to maintain a cool...

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